• 1980

    Mechanical Installations

    Our company's first steps into the world of industrial engineering date back to the 1980s.

    During that time, we specialised in the design and production of state-of-the-art mechanical systems.

    Our constant focus on product quality has enabled us to stay abreast of technological developments, guaranteeing high-level solutions for our customers.

  • 2000

    Automation and Upgrading

    With the advent of the automation boom, Opportunity began to explore new horizons.

    We dedicated ourselves to adopting state-of-the-art systems and upgrading our existing facilities, ensuring that they were in line with the latest technological innovations.

    This phase marked the beginning of our ongoing commitment to continuous adaptation and improvement.

  • 2008

    Birth of Opportunity

    In 2008, we founded Opportunity, a brand dedicated to offering our customers comprehensive supervision and design services. Since then, we have accompanied our customers at every stage, from problem definition to the purchase, installation, implementation and maintenance of machines, equipment and industrial filtration systems.

    Our vision has always been to see an opportunity in the face of our customers' problems, so that they too can understand that only great solutions and opportunities can arise from difficult situations.

  • 2024

    Industry 4.0

    Today, in an era where Industry 4.0 is revolutionising the world of manufacturing, Opportunity is at the forefront of giving new life to every piece of existing machinery. We believe that every machine can find a second life and continue to be an important asset for businesses.

    With specialised training, we train our operators to understand and meet the increasingly advanced requirements of machines and our customers. We are ready to lead the food industry towards an increasingly efficient and sustainable future.

Our history is a testimony to our dedication to innovation and continuous progress, always putting our customers’ needs at the centre.
We are ready to share this passion with you and face tomorrow’s challenges together.

Imagine yourself on a journey through stormy seas and scorching deserts, where every step is a challenge and every choice is crucial. At times like these, what you need is a safe guide to show you the right direction. That is the meaning of our logo: the compass.

Reading Crises as Opportunities
For us, problem solving starts with perspective. We do not see crises as insurmountable obstacles, but as opportunities for growth. Like a compass always pointing north, we are committed to guiding you through challenges, helping you discover the hidden paths of innovation and progress.

Symbol of Tradition and Experience:
You might ask why we have chosen a sophisticated yet classic compass as our symbol. The answer is simple: to find effective solutions, we need to draw on our experiences and our past. The compass represents this concept. It is the starting point, the lesson we draw from our achievements and challenges overcome.

Experience and skills that guide us:
The compass is not just a symbol; it is a statement of our experience and the solid skills on which our entrepreneurial initiative is based. It is on this foundation that we build the future, moving towards evolution and innovation.



If we have to talk about the colours that represent OPPORTUNITY, our choice is a symphony of green and orange. These two colours come together to form a powerful combination, embodying the very essence of our company.

The Green: Life, Hope and Growth
Green is the colour of life, hope and the desire to grow. Like the bud that grows luxuriantly, we are dedicated to growth and development, both for ourselves and for our customers. Green is the symbol of new adventures and unlimited opportunities.

Green Oil: Money and Opportunity
Its shade, petrol green, represents money. For us, signing a contract with OPPORTUNITY is like having cash in our hands. We see every deal as an opportunity for mutual gain, a guarantee of successful investment. Oil green represents the prosperity we can create together.

Orange: Energy and Innovation
Orange is the colour of energy, enthusiasm and innovation. It represents our passion for what we do and our constant desire to improve. It is the engine that drives us to seek creative solutions and drive change.

A Synergy of Opportunities:
Green and orange intertwine to create a synergy of opportunities. In a world of challenges and change, we see solutions. Where others see problems, we see opportunities. Our mission is to offer the key to turning every obstacle into a chance for growth and progress.

Colours are a tangible representation of our passion for growth, money as a result of success, and the energy that drives us to innovate.
We are here to guide you to success, with a symphony of colours inspiring your path to a bright future.


At the heart of our mission, we find three key words: Ingenium, Cura and Opera. These are not mere terms, but the pillars on which our path and vision rests. Together, they represent our universal language, the key to understanding who we are and what we stand for.

Ingenium: The Genius of the Idea
At the heart of our philosophy is Ingenium, which embraces invention, intuition and ingenuity. Everything we do originates from a unique and innovative idea. Every solution we propose is driven by this inspiration, ready to challenge the status quo and open new horizons.

Cura: Achieving Excellence
We know that a brilliant idea alone is not enough. It takes care, the ability to translate that idea into reality, to make it flourish. This is where method becomes crucial. The care we put into our work is a combination of systematicity and discipline, combined with passion and involvement. It is our commitment to excellence in everything we do.

Opera: Working Towards Success
Finally, there is the Work, hard work and commitment. We recognise that ideas and method are fundamental, but without hard work and constant commitment, success cannot be achieved. The Work is what turns ideas into reality, projects into concrete results.


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