Buying used equipment allows small and medium-sized companies, but also larger companies, to buy and expand their production process faster. Used equipment optimises and reduces the impact of the initial costs of a developing business.

Opportunity always provides an answer to all your needs, in fact our experience and knowledge of machinery allows us to advise you on which investments are right for your company and we guarantee that the machinery you buy can be productive from day one of start-up.

The Opportunity fleet overhaul is scrupulous and careful in every detail, for the entirety of the components of whatever machine is being overhauled.



As we all know, stainless steel brings many advantages such as:
1. Durability: thanks to its resistance to corrosion, it is the most durable food-grade material in nature;
2. Cleanliness: its smooth surface does not retain any impurities;
3. Hygiene: it is perfect for food processing, preservation and storage. Its properties also facilitate its maintenance and cleaning.

By taking advantage of the excellent qualities of this extremely versatile material, we at Opportunity are able to give used machines a new lease of life. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the machinery and each of its components, we can guarantee a used machine with characteristics equal to new and adaptable to any type of request.

The specific tests and trials we carry out on each reconditioned machine allow us to offer a product that is ready for use and effective right from the start, for immediate production.

Furthermore, our long-standing presence in the wine, dairy and beverage market makes us globally competitive, guaranteeing the best service for an informed investment.

Collaborations with our partners allow us to have additional benefits, such as mechanical spare parts or ad hoc materials for any machinery to be maintained.


Design, supply chain integration and renovation characterise the professionalism of our team. Opportunity carries out an analysis of companies’ needs, providing continuous 360° assistance that starts with targeted inspections and continues in the technical department, through the creation of P&IDs and calculations of production values in order to combine the yields of machines already present with those being introduced.

Our service, in fact, does not end instantly after the sale, but continues through start-up, configuration and introduction to the installed machinery, continuing even in the post-installation period with maintenance services tailored to each customer.

Industrial maintenance can be described as a set of actions required to maintain or restore an equipment, machine or system in order to establish an operational condition with the objective of maximum service life.

In the quest for competitiveness and operational excellence, maintenance is assuming an increasingly strategic role in organisations. Being directly responsible for the availability of equipment, it ends up playing a key role in the company’s results, which are all the better the more effectively industrial maintenance is managed.

Our aim is to provide our customers with a specialised maintenance service for machinery and equipment, always aiming for perfect performance and avoiding production losses and unplanned downtime due to lack of maintenance.

Below is a description of the different types of maintenance we can offer your company.

  1. CORRECTIVE MAINTENANCE: this is the correction of a component or piece of equipment that is underperforming or fails randomly. This type of service is carried out when the customer requests it through one of our communication channels, and our response time to meet the request will always be as short as possible under the conditions of the moment.

  2. PLANNED CORRECTIVE MAINTENANCE: this is the correction of lower than expected performance or a fault, carried out at the decision of management. It normally applies to a piece of equipment that is still in operation but requires a planned intervention in the shortest possible time to prevent it from stopping due to a definitive failure or defect that makes it impossible to operate.

  3. PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE: is the action taken to reduce or avoid a failure or drop in performance, according to a previously drawn up plan with a defined periodicity. It consists of maintenance plans, control of abnormal noises and replacement of parts subject to wear, thus avoiding downtime.

  4. PREDICTIVE MAINTENANCE: this is performance based on changes in conditions or performance parameters, which are monitored systematically. It is usually carried out with the aim of improving equipment performance.

Discover the used machines available at the moment and for more information write to us on the contact page.

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