Behind every success, there is a dedicated and passionate team, and our team is the beating heart of Opportunity.

Every member of this extraordinary family brings with them a commitment, professionalism and absolute dedication at every stage from contracting to design and production, and ending with plant start-up and after-sales service.
We are united by the same mission: to ensure that every customer is not only satisfied
but also inspired by our excellence.

Ezio Casagrande
CEO Opportunity

Roberto Balardin
Operation Manager

Fabiano Anuncio

General manager

Martina Casagrande

Sales & Marketing Manager

Chiara Menegazzi

Administration Manager

Matias Pippi

Production Manager

Éverton Volpato

Technical Director

Salvatore Napodano

Sales Manager

Federica Fratta

Marketing & Communication Area

Katia Tonetto

Administration & Logistics Area

Alberto Cappellotto

Technical & Production Department

Claudio Guijarro

Operations Manager

Eduardo Molina

Technical Sales – CHILE

Edson Volpato


Each member of our team brings with them not only exceptional skills
exceptional skills but also a unique personal story.
It is their experiences, aspirations and dedication that fuel
our constant quest for excellence.
Each of us is a chapter in a bigger story,
a story that we are privileged to write together with you, our customers.

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