The patented VINIMAX TVG PARSEC re-sprayers utilise the re-spray flow sent from the pump to produce a controlled rotation through an innovative diffuser nozzle that generates a determined spraying pattern that also allows the tank to be cleaned at the end of the job.

The sealed rotating impeller tube joint is a full free rotating joint, manufactured from stainless steel.

It allows full or partial rotation of one part of the joint, while the other is anchored to the reassembly tube, ensuring the necessary tightness for proper system operation.

Technical characteristics:

  • Complete must passage over the patented rotating joint
  • Rotation speed controlled by the pump flow rate
  • Recommended to be used without any filter in the pump suction
  • Connection types: DIN, CALMP, SMS, GAS-FIT, customisable on request
  • Robust construction and easy maintenance
  • Material of manufacture: Stainless Steel A-304 / A-316
  • Approximate weight DN 50: 2,00 kg / DN 65: 3,00 kg / DN 80: 4,00 kg
  • Easy installation in any type of tank (stainless steel, concrete, wood)

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