The Flash Cooler: Innovation in Instant Cooling

In the world of production and storage of temperature-sensitive products, cooling efficiency and speed are critical. In this context, the Flash Cooler stands out as a revolutionary solution, based on a highly efficient and innovative cooling principle.

Operating principle

The Flash Cooler is a cooling system that exploits the unique correlation between pressure and temperature to create an almost absolute vacuum within the chambers into which the product to be cooled is introduced. This extreme vacuum significantly reduces the boiling point of the liquid present, which in turn leads to a rapid evaporation process. It is this evaporation that generates a significant drop in product temperature, ensuring instantaneous and efficient cooling.

Applications and advantages

The Flash Cooler is particularly suitable for the instantaneous cooling of products coming out of concentration processes. Its ability to generate a near-absolute vacuum in the cooling chambers makes it ideal for temperature-sensitive products that must be quickly brought down to low temperatures to ensure quality and safety.

Advanced technology

At the heart of the system is a carefully designed evaporation/cooling chamber for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. This chamber is divided into two stages, optimised to improve energy efficiency, compensate for any fluctuations in power supply and increase the time the product is exposed to low temperatures. In addition, a thermocompression system generates a vacuum inside the chambers, further reducing the boiling point of the liquid.

Sustainability Environmental

A key feature of the Flash Cooler is its ability to minimise environmental impact. A suitably dimensioned condenser allows the evaporated fraction within the cooling chambers to be returned to liquid form. In addition, the vapours discharged from the thermocompressors are condensed using a flow of water, the heat from which is subsequently dissipated through a cooling tower. This process allows water to be reused, reducing waste and contributing to the overall environmental sustainability of the system.

With an eye on sustainability, the Flash Cooler also stands out for its low environmental impact, confirming its role as the ideal solution for cooling needs in modern production and storage operations.


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