Suitable for heavy sediments for wine, vinegar, grape juice, milk and dairy products.


  1. It is the first dynamic rotary crossflow wine filter equipped with the innovative back-wash system.
  2. It represents the most viable alternative to vacuum filtration and filter press in the filtration of must and wine sediments without adjuvants.
  3. The principle used is that of tangential filtration applied to discs rotating at high tangential speed. This avoids clogging and allows easy self-cleaning of the membranes.
  4. High quality level of the filtrate which, in the case of wine, can be bottled directly as with a traditional tangential.
  5. Low energy consumption process when compared to traditional crossflow filtration systems.
  6. Maximum versatility for filtering not only lees, but also wine, juices and sugar syrups with results superior to those obtained with all tangential tubes.

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